The Sea Ranch Association is proud to offer new technology for sensing and monitoring your household water use through your existing TSR Water Company provider. Now you can login, track your consumption, and get alerted to even tiny leaks - before they cost you!


An undiscovered toilet left running can waste around 

36,000 gallons and add $650 to your water bill.

In 2016 The Sea Ranch Water Company detected 207 leaks throughout The Sea Ranch, costing those affected an aggregate cost of over $200,000 in avoidable charges.

207 LEAKS IN 2016

An undiscovered pipe burst can waste around 467, 410 gallons and add $7590 to your water bill.

Water Bills

The water company staff currently uses radio based water meter technology to collect usage data, so usage data is gathered by driving each and every street of The Sea Ranch on a monthly basis. For some customers, this could mean that small and medium sized leaks have the potential to go undetected for an entire month, resulting in surprising oversized water bills. 

It is not unusual for the water company to detect 15 to 20 customer leaks per month.  For members who rent their homes or are part-timers, an undetected leak can cause significant water damage to home and septic systems. The EyeOnWater© meter + monitoring system collects data every 15 minutes and updates your dashboard on a daily basis, so when a leak occurs you can put a stop to it.

Shared Resources

Our water is collected from the Gualala River watershed. Its source lies in the high coastal range, and its main forks fall on the San Andreas fault line. The river is roughly 32 miles long and winds through 190,000 acres of Sonoma and Mendocino Counties. It’s a historic breeding ground for threatened Coho salmon and steelhead trout and home to ospreys, great blue herons, egrets and river otters who fish in the river and its estuary.

The Sea Ranch Water Company processes and transfers water to your home using treatment and monitoring facilities, wells, multiple tanks, and a private reservoir. Altogether The Sea Ranch uses approximately 50 million gallons of water annually. It’s important that, as we work to grow our usage awareness and conserve our shared resources and our local environment, we consider our impact locally and globally.


40 out of 50 state water managers expect water shortages under average conditions in some portion of their states over the next decade.


Our annual combined usage is 50 million gallons, which could fill 76 olympic sized swimming pools. 7.6 of those pools were wasted in leaks and breaks.

It takes 12 gallons per day to sustain a human, accounting for drinking, sanitation and food production, but the average American uses 80-150 gallons a day 

Meter System

Now you can save money and help preserve our watershed with the help of EyeOnWater© smart meters + monitoring service. Beginning October 2017, The Sea Ranch Association is offering advanced purchase of the EyeOnWater© system. Reserve your meter today, we’ll take care of the installation, and notify you when you’re ready to login to your tracking dashboard. 

The one time fee of $400 covers installation, maintenance and 10 years of access to your EyeOnWater© digital dashboard. 


Once installed, we’ll reach out to notify you and provide complete instructions to sign in and set up EyeOnWater© account. Check your stats online and on the go.


Customize your leak alerts and track patterns in your usage. Watch your shorter showers pay off in real time and explore with new ways of saving water and lowering your bill.



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Delay Disclaimer

Kindly note that streets off of Deer Trail Road and upper Halcyon do not currently receive reception for these meter heads, however we are working diligently with EyeOnWater to upgrade the technology and bring meter reception to this area in 2018. Feel free to purchase in advance, and we will install it as soon as the new technology is released this year. 

Click to learn more and to double check if your home is included in this low reception region and will experience delay.