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Create a login. Explore. Bookmark.

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Set Up Your

Click the PDF icon for a handy dandy step-by-step visual guide on registering your online account. If you should have any trouble finding the verification email, be sure to check your spam filters or junk inbox, and should you have any further trouble, head over to helpeyeonwater.com for some more advice.

To start managing your water use online, you'll first need to create a personalized login. You'll need a recent water bill in hand, and be ready to come up with a user name and password that you can easily remember. Once you're ready, visit EyeOnWater.com and click Create Account. You’ll need to enter your service zip code, then your utility billing account number, adding a 1 to the end of that account number (this number with the extra 1 is now your EOW account number). Once you enter your name, email and password, you'll be sent an email verification to confirm, and then you'll be ready to login. 


Once you've been notified that your installation is complete, you can register at eyeonwater.com. Explore this how to page for step by step instructions.

You can customize your leak alerts, play with graphs and export spreadsheets of your usage. You can even add rainfall to your graph and plan for your irrigation system!


Bookmark EyeOnWater.com for speedy access, and download the EyeOnWater app for iPhone or Android for your mobile devices. 

Explore + Customize 
Your New

Click on the left and right arrows to familarize yourself with some of the different elements you'll find on your dashboard. 

Bookmark the Website +
Download the Mobile App

Bookmark EyeOnWater.com in your internet browser for quick access, then download the EyeOnWater app for iPhone or Android for your mobile devices. 

If we have notified you

that your installation is complete 

then you're ready to register

and use your dashboard.

Still have questions?

Reference the Use section of our FAQs, visit helpeyeonwater.com or email us at water@tsra.org

If you have registered and logged in

but still can't see any data coming into your account,

call the Water Company at (707) 785-2411 for help troubleshooting your new meter

Tuesday - Saturday
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Don't want to buy online?
If you'd prefer to pay in person with cash or check, simply stop by the Association offices during business hours and our helpful staff will collect your information and payment. Note: Staff is able to accept payment, but further questions about the system should be directed to water@tsra.org
Still have more
Review our FAQS to get specific answers to common questions about the EyeOnWater System. If we didn't answer your questions here, feel free to email us at water@tsra.org
Ready to
Purchase your meter?
We are now accepting credit, debit and bank accounts via PayPal's secure transaction platform. Simply enter your address, UBL and notification preferences, and order your meter today.
Delay Disclaimer

Kindly note that streets off of Deer Trail Road and upper Halcyon do not currently receive reception for these meter heads, however we are working diligently with EyeOnWater to upgrade the technology and bring meter reception to this area in 2018. Feel free to purchase in advance, and we will install it as soon as the new technology is released this year. 

Click to learn more and to double check if your home is included in this low reception region and will experience delay.